Huwebes, Agosto 11, 2011

FOR YOU......

Here I am
Sitting in silence
My mind is empty
For a moment
I didn’t know where to begin.

I started to tell everything to HIM
From  the time I was created,
to time I learned everything,
to the time I achieved my goals
And up to the moment I committed sin.

I now began to shed tears
because I keep asking
Why I feel this emptiness
Why I’m still searching for contentment
Am I here for enlightenment and restoration?

Outloud I will rejoice that I accept Jesus as my Saviour
Set foot  into my heart and sealed with your love
Safeguard us your children  from harm
Yes, trully unbelievable wisdom
My life was changed and so other's  too.
A great experienced to reclaimed.

5 komento:

  1. True! You can find happiness and contentment in our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless. :)

  2. Magandang relasyon ito. Yong FAith sa Panginoon ang mahalaga.

  3. @yow: yes dats tru.... just surrender yourself sa kanya...

    @kuya j: tama ka kuya. salamat sa pagdalaw.. aitz!

    @gracia: Big thank's to you... hugss!

    @kuya mots: Amen... amen.. amen... (tsing!)


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